Selling a Property

If you are looking for a cheap conveyancing in Newcastle but you are not willing to compromise on the service and advice you receive, then contact us. We understand that you will have lots of questions. Having face to face time with a lawyer or conveyancer is essential in a conveyancing transaction. At Gillard Family Lawyers you will be provided with the opportunity sit down with a lawyer and go through any questions that you may have.

We will prepare your contract and forward it to the agent. You are required by law to provide certain conveyancing searches with your Contract. The searches include:

  • Title search.
  • Dealings registered of the property such as covenants (new estates often have these, they set out the building code for the estate).
  • A sewer mains diagram.
  • Section 149 certificate obtain from the council.

We will make any required conveyancing searches on your behalf with bodies such as the Newcastle council. Gillard Family Lawyers does not add any costs to the fees charges by the relevant authorities. For an estimate of the costs of the the searches as set by the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie Council, Hunter Water and the land titles office please click here.

What tasks will a conveyancing lawyer perform?

As well as the contract preparation set out above we will:

  • Meet with you to sign the contract once a purchaser is found.
  • Make any required changes to the conveyancing contact as negotiated by the parties.
  • Exchange the contracts once we receive a signed contract from the purchaser.
  • The purchaser is entitled to serve on you a set of questions relating to the title of the property. We will draft the responses for you.
  • Liaise with your bank to find out the required amount to discharge the mortgage and complete the necessary paperwork for the bank to be put on notice that the property has sold and that they need to attend settlement.
  • Arrange the time and place of settlement including arranging for the bank to attend settlement with a discharge of mortgage.
  • Complete an electronic notice of sale so that water authority such as Hunter Water and Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland council is aware that the property has changed hands.

If you are looking for cheap conveyancing in Newcastle, and you’d prefer that a lawyer handles your matter, contact us.


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