Family Law Mediation Newcastle

Newcastle Mediators – Alan Wright & Michelle Gillard

We are fortunate to have two accredited mediators, Alan Wright and Michelle Gillard working at our law firm in Newcastle.

Alan has practised in family law in the Newcastle area for over 30 years and he has been an accredited specialist in family law for 23 years. You can read more about Alan on his profile.

Alan has conducted and attended hundreds of mediations. Alan is very aware of how stressful the family law process can be and therefore keeps what he requires from solicitors and their clients prior to a mediation to a minimum.

Michelle Gillard is an Accredited Specialist in Family law and practices as an Independent Children’s Lawyer giving her a well-rounded experience in all aspects of family law and a uniquely qualified mediator in the Newcastle and Central Coast. You can read more about Michelle on her profile.

Our firm currently has mediation rooms at our Honeysuckle Office and Bolton Street office.

We require the following to conduct mediations:

Property Matters

  • If the matter is not in court, a Position Paper, and a Balance Sheet.
  • If the matter is in court, then only the court documents need to be provided.

Parenting Matters

  • If the matter is not not in court, a Position Paper.
  • If the matter is in court, then only the court documents need to be provided.
  • Michelle will request intake interviews with each of the parties.

Fixed Fee Cost Mediation

What makes our fee structure different to other experienced mediators in Newcastle? We offer fixed fees and we do not have additional hourly rates for each hour you are trying your best to resolve your client’s matter. Your client will know the cost of the mediation in advance.

Mediations up to 3.5 hours

  • Reading background material and conducting the mediation up to 3.5 hours: $1,500 + GST.

Mediations over 3.5 hours

  • Reading background material and conducting the mediation of over 3.5 hours: $2,500 + GST for Alan and $2,000 + GST for Michelle.

You will not be required to make an election at the time of booking the mediation. We will set aside the whole day. If the mediation takes 3.5 hours or less, your client will only be charged the lesser fee.

Solicitors can contact our office to book mediations or use the calendar on this page to book your mediation.

The mediation can take place at our law firm in Newcastle or at a location nominated by the parties.

Alan and Michelle are both accredited mediators and both are in the process of completing the necessary requirement to Section60I certificates. It is anticipated that Alan be an FDRP at the start of 2022 and Michelle will be by March 2022.

Michelle and Alan handle complex mediations with client’s that are legally represented.

If you are going through a family law separation and you are looking for a mediator in Newcastle that will conduct your matter without solicitors’ present, then please ring our reception for a list of names.

We also offer $220 initial consultations if you would like advice on what you are entitled to, prior to attending the mediation without a solicitor.

Benefits of Mediation

There are countless benefits to mediation or alternative dispute resolution. At Gillard Family Lawyers we often encourage our clients participate in mediation early on in the family property and parenting disputes.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced conflict because there are not ongoing protracted negotiations
  • Early resolution without long delays in your matter because settlements can be achieved in one day
  • Reduced legal fees

Use the booking system below to book your mediation session now