Specialist Family Lawyers in Erina Central Coast

Gillard Family Lawyers now have an office situated in Erina on the Central Coast. This is to offer a more convenient location to meet with our family law clients that live in the Central Coast.

Our Director, Michelle Gillard, is passionate about offering specialised family law services to Central Coast area. Michelle owns a home in the area and enjoys spending time on the Coast with her family. Michelle is passionate about utilising her time on the Central Coast to offer our services to clients who may struggle commuting into the Newcastle area. 

Our office is in the The Foundry, Suite 1, 220 The Entrance Road, Erina.

If your matter does progress to Court, then having solicitors who also have an office in Newcastle will assist in reducing your legal fees. Our Newcastle office is only 5 minutes from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. If you live on the Central Coast, it is likely that your matter will be heard in Newcastle Federal Circuit Court or Family Court. Unlike other Central Coast firms, with Gillard Family Lawyers having an office in Newcastle, you will not need to pay for your solicitor to travel to Newcastle.

Our family lawyers are specialised in all aspects of family law, including separations, property settlements and parenting matters. We have three Accredited Specialist in Family Law. A family law matter may be one of the most stressful experiences you will go through, and that is why we believe in offering you our expertise and convenience at our Central Coast office to support you through the process. Luke Shearson and Michelle Gillard are also qualified Independent Children’s Lawyers and travel to our Central Coast office for appointments with children.

Contact our office today on 4910 0740 to make a booking at our Central Coast Office. We offer $220 fixed fee initial consultation.

We also offer family law mediation services at Gillard Family Lawyers. Michelle Gillard and Alan Wright of our office will be available to conduct family law mediations at our Central Coast office if required. Often mediations are easier to be held closer to where you live. You can access our mediation dairy on our website. 

Our Central Coast family lawyers look forward to assisting you in your matter. Contact out office today to make a $220 fixed Fee Initial Consultation.

The Foundry: Suite 1
220 The Entrance Road, Erina